A quiet night in San Francisco

As I was putting the little one to sleep tonight (might I mention parenthetically that he slept from 9pm to 5am twice this week?), I couldn't believe how quiet the city was. Usually I hear trucks and sirens, motorcycles and revellers. Tonight I heard only the low hum of the laundromat next door and a cat yawning at the foot of the bed. I wondered, is it Christmas Eve? Have they shut down the street for an early morning parade?

Nope, we just got new windows installed. Marvelous Marvin...stunning Simonton...luxurious "Low-E" double-paned slices of paradise, insulating us from the bustling world outside.

We only got three windows, mind you, and we still have roughly 14 to go. These three cost as much as a nice vacation would, though, so if you don't see a travelogue blog post for some time, that's why. But in my newfound cocoon of a bedroom, I'll travel transcendentally to places that exceed any real-life budget or days of paid time off. So I figure my windows are well worth it.


Mary Tsao said...

Double-paned windows are so awesome and so worth the price. Hey, you might consider naming the next baby Marvin. Wink wink.

Unknown said...

amen. :)