No comment, part two

I've finally decide not to allow anonymous comments anymore. I had left that option open for a couple of my friends who read this blog regularly but don't have Blogger accounts, in the hopes that they would be encouraged to leave comments so I know they care...

But since they almost never leave comments, even when I give them the opportunity to have their own customized MP3 ringtones on my cell phone (I mean, come ON people, WHAT DOES IT TAKE?!), then it's obviously not that important to have the option to leave comments anonymously. Meanwhile, leaving that option open for my supposedly-caring-but-stubbornly-taciturn loved ones also means that trolls and the like can spam and desecrate my blog on a regular basis.

So, from now on, you'll have to declare yourselves. It's not like I'll lose out on all those meaningful, caring, and thoughtful comments from the multitude of friends and family members who pore over this blog's every word. (Because I just know y'all pore over every word.)

And for the record, to know how much YOU* all are loved, I want to note that:

Anna (SC): your ringtone is Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun"
Anna (NYC): your ringtone is Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye"
Amy: your ringtone is Abba's "Dancing Queen," though this ring has been requested by someone else in my circle, so you may actually have to pick another song, but obviously not via blog comment, since I know you don't have a Blogger account.
Sarah: your ringtone is Camper Van Beethoven's "Sad Lover's Waltz." Not that you ever call.
Carrie: you have a blog now so you'll be able to comment, and I fully expect you to request your own ringtone.
JP: your ringtone is that medieval-sounding song by Dead Can Dance.
Sari: your ringtone is The Rolling Stones' "Ride On Baby," though I will be changing it as soon as I rip my Big Audio Dynamite CD.

*Family members have already been notified of their ringtones and/or have had the opportunity to request them in person. Not being on this list does not mean you don't have your own ringtone. It just means I don't know whether you actually read my blog or not. Care to comment? No? I thought so!


Unknown said...

I love that my ring tone is Bob Marley's...Don't Worry Bout a Thing. I don't.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to think of an appropriate ringtone--my brain, though enhanced by motherhood, works slowly... How about "Linus and Lucy" by Vince Guiraldi?

Anonymous said...

I actually had read that post and was thinking-thinking-thinking about what would be the ideal ringtone... but you beat me to it. I like the CVB song. I'm sorry I always lurk here. I set up a Blogger account so I wouldn't have to anymore. Love to you and yours today, on Thanksgiving.

Jennifer said...

haha...nothing like a guilt trip for the holidays! thanks for commenting.

Sarah, I'm just glad you actually bother to read my blog. I'm really impressed that you created an account too :)

Carrie, I think I have that song and will import it and designate it as your ringtone!

stiill said...

I don't know what kind of options Blogger has, but I'm trying out some anti-spam tools on my wordpress blog. Akismet took about 30 seconds to set up (I clicked "Plugins", then "Akismet"). That frees me up from moderation hassles.

I wonder of the spamming was done by actual people, or if the spambots have just totally solved the captcha that blogger uses.