"Mommy brain"

"Mommy brain." Another phrase I've always thought sounded pretty stupid. I still think that, but I have to say I'm understanding its meaning a little too well lately. First of all, yesterday at 11:33 pm as I was drifting off to sleep, I experienced a weird Groundhog Day moment when I realized that I'd forgotten, again, to blog for the day, even though I'd managed to blog once that day about how I'd forgotten to blog the day before as a way of making up for forgetting to blog the day before. (I wanted to write twice yesterday to bring myself up to quota for the month--silly, I know, but I'm a bean counter at heart!) Do the math on that; it actually adds up, mommy brain or not. It's also very meta, again. I just love things that are meta.

So here I am, still "behind." And because, again, I meant to do a "day in the life" post for today, Friday, and, again, probably because of Mommy Brain (am I becoming too self-referential? can you all tell I've been drinking wine? yes, drinking wine while breastfeeding...deal with it!), I forgot to take notes about what I did, I'm going to just wing it. I will, however, count it as a separate post. Gotta get up to quota!

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