How to slow down time

Give yourself a task to do (say, blogging) every day in one particular time period. You'll find yourself noticing every day in that time period, remarking how the time period seems to drag inexplicably on. You may even discover, for the first time in your adult life, that you're wishing time would hurry up and pass. Then you'll slap yourself for having such a thought. You'll realize you're actually savoring every day of your life, taking a moment to pay attention to the here and now. You'll find that when you do this, it starts to feel like you have all the time in the world. Instead of asking where the time went, you realize you know quite well where it went, because you paid attention, close attention. It's pretty cool.


Unknown said...

Nice idea. Living in the moment is satisfying, ultimately peaceful.

Jennifer said...

It's hard but when I succeed at it I'm really happy!