Full-fledged happiness in three easy steps!

Elizabeth wrote about an article about happiness, and I like the idea of thinking about three good things that happened today and why they happened. So, without further adieu (sic...homage to Michael Donahoe at work):

  1. Alex squealed in delight for the first time. This happened because he is a baby, and his developmental milestones include laughing and squealing, and witnessing these milestones just makes me massively happy.
  2. My mom and I bought matching Puma tracksuits. This happened because we were both sucked in by the irresistibly cute ensemble. I'm sure we will look incredibly darling, or incredibly dorky, or both, together, and thinking about that makes me happy!
  3. Nick brought home an awesome dinner. This happened because my mom and I were waffling on what to make/have for dinner, and Nick offered to pick up anything we wanted on his way home. Nothing begets happiness like a delicious dinner that required no effort.

Hey, it worked! I feel much happier now having reflected on those moments of happiness from today.


Unknown said...

and your suit, in the words of my DIL, looks FABU, dahling, absolutely FABU

Mary Tsao said...

I need a picture of the two of you in your suits, please.

Jennifer said...

we'll work on it!