Election Dread

Here we are again, another Election Day almost upon us. I am dreading it. I wish I could just skip it. Too many propositions! Thirteen statewide ones, 11 local, none of which I really know about. Sure, I've seen the ads, read the odd blog post, heard a few radio shows, etc. and I know how I'm probably going to vote on the major ones. But that leaves a bunch I haven't heard about: 84? 88? how about SF measure K...or A through K, for that matter... anyone? ANYONE? And just because I may have decided how I'm going to vote doesn't mean I actually understand the consequences of these massive pieces of legislation I'm voting on. (I've complained about this problem before on this blog...) Then there's all the judicial and board of education seats...I have NO idea who any of these people are or what impact electing or not electing them will have on my life or on society as a whole. What am I supposed to do? I've got no time to educate myself, and honestly, is there any practical way to educate oneself? I'm calling it Election Dread, and I've got a bad case of it.


Unknown said...

If you know a teacher, the Union sends them an explanatory guidebook. Maybe you could get hold of one before you do the deed. :)
or, you could just guess. I admit I often vote for the most ethnic sounding name.

stiill said...

It's not the props I mind-- it's the friggin' endless people running for offices I didn't even know existed. Who did you vote for for Associate Justice, Court of Appeal District 1, Division 2? What three people did you select for the Community College Board?

Jennifer said...

wait, what's more ethnic, Angelides or Schwarzenegger?

and for community college, all I know is I didn't vote for the guy whose automated message called me twice tpday reminding me the tenants' union had endorsed him!