A day in the life

3:30 am
Awaken to grunting sounds in bassinet. Pull baby out, place on boob, wait, checking occasionally to note that baby's eyes stay closed (hallelujah! this means he'll go back to sleep easily). Return baby to bassinet. Lie down, waiting apprehensively to see if grunting noises continue. Enjoy the silence. Fall back to sleep.

4:45 am
Awaken to grunting sounds in bassinet. [See 3 am]

6 am
Awaken to grunting sounds in bassinet. Ask husband to change baby's diaper. Feel incredibly grateful when husband offers to bounce baby back to sleep. Fall back to sleep.

7:45 am
Awaken to grunting sounds in bassinet. Suspect I'm done sleeping for the night. Peer over into bassinet. Glimpse, unsurprised, two wide-open eyes beaming out at me. Pull baby out, place on boob, wait, noting how bright and awake baby looks. Tell husband I'm getting up.

8 am
Sit for a while in living room with bright-eyed, bushy-tailed baby climbing all over me. Realize I am still exhausted. Figure baby can climb all over me in bed. Return to bed. Pretend to sleep while baby climbs all over me.

9 am
Give up pretending to sleep. Place now-fussy baby on boob. Get up, change baby's diaper, carry baby into kitchen, set baby down, make strong coffee and toast half a croissant with cheese melted on it.

9:30 am
Play with baby while baby sits in swing, being utterly charming and smiling incessantly, carrying on a surprisingly meaningful conversation with me.

10:15 am
Realize baby is exhibiting signs of being sleepy (fussiness and heavy-looking eyes). Hear him howl "owh" just like that woman on Oprah said babies howl when they are sleepy. Swaddle baby, place in crib. Enjoy the silence again as baby falls to sleep.

10:30 am
Feel effects of strong coffee (sudden motivation to write several thank-you notes for baby presents). Write thank yous and feel extremely proud of self.

11:30 am to 3 pm
Nurse baby. Change baby's diaper. Play with baby. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Make plans to meet friend for dinner downtown.

3:15 pm
Give Nick ride downtown. Get extremely frustrated in downtown traffic. Change plans with friend to meet elsewhere in the city. Drop Nick off and flee downtown.

4 pm
Park at Marina Green. Nurse baby in public! Walk along the water with baby in Kangaroo pouch. Admire baby. Kiss baby. Feel like baby is best baby in the world.

5 pm
Chat with friend on cell phone while sitting in parked car with best baby in the world.

5:30 pm
Pick up other friend from work. Head off to dinner, destination unknown.

5:40 pm
En route to nowhere in particular decide to eat at Patxi's in Hayes Valley.

6 pm
Marvel at how long it took to get from Marina to Hayes Valley. Hope to find parking space. Find parking space immediately.

6:05 pm
Sit down with crashed-out baby in pouch. Realize I forgot the pacifier in the car. Hope it'll all be OK. Proceed with dinner and pleasant grown-up conversation. Baby sleeps through.

7 pm
Baby wakes up and bleats momentarily. Admire baby's darling "scrunch face." Wonder if anyone minds hearing crying baby. Start to fret. Stop fretting when baby stops bleating and again becomes most charming baby in the world. Feel proud as friend, waitress and others in restaurant admire baby.

7:15 pm
Drop friend off at Bart. Get extremely frustrated again in downtown traffic. Pick up Nick, who has a strange craving for crab cakes. Head to Trader Joes, where they just might have them.

7:30 pm
Shop with awake but charming baby in pouch.

8:30 pm
Return home just in time to beat baby meltdown. Unload groceries. Prepare bath.

9 pm
Bathe, change, swaddle, bottle. Best baby in the world goes to sleep with little fuss. Pump. Fold laundry. Pour a glass of wine. Enjoy a little me time.

10:30 pm
Post first blog entry of the day.

11 pm
Begin writing second blog entry of the day.

11:10 pm
Consider not finishing second blog entry of the day because it's too difficult to get it just right. Decide I don't like the phrase "me time." Try unsuccessfully to think up replacement phrase.

11:24 pm
Decide to stop obsessively self-editing. Post.

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Unknown said...

oh i like that--the 'stop obsessively self-editing" part. that will become my nanowrimo mantra.