Boys night in

It's Saturday night, and I had another night out on the town without my baby. Now, it's not that I enjoy being away from him. In fact, when I'm not within ten feet of the little creature, I miss him rather a lot. But, before I had the baby, I worried so much that I'd lose all sense of myself as a discrete individual--and that's been something of particular importance to me throughout my life. So I'm especially proud of myself when I can get out and do something that feels similar to my pre-baby life. (I guess it's a good thing that we live somewhere within a couple blocks of a bunch of really great restaurants, because I've been able to hit some local hot spots without being too far from home, in case I need to sprint home to, y'know, cuddle and soothe and whatnot.)

Tonight I went to Senses (decent food, horrible service) with my old college roommate and her parents who are in town. The food was passable, but the restaurant was so hideously loud that I wouldn't have heard my cell phone even if Nick had called me frantically. Luckily, I knew the boys were home watching a Star Wars marathon on TV, and I had a feeling everything was going to be OK. Sure enough, I arrived home (90 minutes after leaving, natch) and found The Empire Strikes Back playing in the living room as Nick and the two kitties were putting the baby to sleep. A happy, healthy boys night in!

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