You know how some words or names you just don't like? Something about the sound, or maybe it's the underlying concept that doesn't sit right with you. Well, I've discovered I can't stand the word "babywearing." It's one of the "attachment parenting" tenets that describes carrying your baby close to your body in a sling or wrap. "Babywearing" or "wearing your baby" just sounds stupid.

The underlying concept, though? LOOOOOOVE it! That's thanks to the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch, which arrived in the mail today and enabled me to...um..."wear my baby" out to a restaurant and have dinner at a cramped corner table with complete mobility and comfort.

As I was sitting at that table, sipping wine and sampling spicy South Indian cuisine among a bunch of Mission hipster adults as my infant child snoozed through it all and took up no more space than a few extra dress sizes, I decided the underlying concept behind "babywearing" is pretty darned cool.

But I still think the word is stupid.

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Unknown said...

oh, i thought you would put a picture of your little guy. Signed,
Never Satisfied Grandmother

Mary Tsao said...

Oh, that sling looks cool! How did you ever decide which pattern of fabric to get?!

Anonymous said...

and which pattern did you pick? (I never heard of these before so I had to check it out!)

Jennifer said...

the leopard was an easy choice...so "me"! the only difficult decision was which color leopard to get, so I got the one that matches a purse I have!

Elizabeth said...

I've been looking for a pouch to buy, and the Kangaroo Korner one isn't one I'd been considering, so now I'll have to add that to my list of ones to look at. I already did buy a pretty ring sling. I like the idea of being able to tie on the baby and not worry dealing a ton of other stuff.

I actually kind of like the word babywearing. Although I guess it does sound like your baby is some sort of an accessory.