Am I not a mommyblogger?

Having a child has changed more than I could have predicted. What I'm most surprised about is how it's changed my desire to blog. There's so much to say, but since so much of it is about a little innocent person I chose to bring into the world (as I'm sure he'll remind me when he's a teenager--he didn't ask to be born), I've discovered early on that I feel very conflicted about discussing him in this public setting. Even though the audience here is mostly friends and family, I feel a little weird about sharing intimate details about someone else. It's especially strange because my sister-in-law is, like, the mommyblogger extraordinaire, and I (along with countless others) love reading her chronicles of their family's adventures. I also admire her ability to share so publicly. Somehow, though, I'm not ready to share in that same way, and I'm a bit disappointed about that, because if one thing gives you awesome fodder for a blog, it's motherhood. I figured that out in the first few hours of the experience! My feelings may change... we'll see. Because my new favorite little guy is pretty cool, that's for sure!


Unknown said...

Hey, you keep that little treasure as private as you like, for as long as you like. Just don't let him stop you from blogging completely. When we will be going on another field trip for grown-ups?

Mary Tsao said...

I like what Alice of Finslippy has to say about being a mommyblogger. She's not blogging about her son, she's blogging about her life with her son. (I'm paraphrasing) I think the difference is subtle and may be meaningless to a teenager, but it's a good general rule of thumb when blogging about anybody other than yourself.

I'm sure there's plenty of things you can blog about (if you choose to) that will allow you to explore in writing your mothering experience without ever revealing personal details about the little guy.

Jennifer said...

mary's right... my next post is evidence of such a thing!