Still waiting!

I've been on leave officially for only a few days now, because I ended up going in to the office a fair bit last week out of sheer psychological attachment (and to give the guy who's subbing for me a few pointers). A couple people kept telling me to leave, but I don't think they understand what it's like to have your "purpose" taken away from you suddenly. The first few days of full-on leave have been really hard, but I don't think I'd have been able to go into the office in my current condition. I'm just way too huge and uncomfortable.

Some of the stuff that's been on my mind:

The Price Is Right: It only took one day for me to get right to the heart of daytime TV. That Bob Barker is still so smooth...don't believe what people say about him being senile! Also, the set is a historical relic. It looks so old! But I love it. I really think they need to stick with those retro trappings until things can no longer be replaced because the technology is obsolete. They could even have forensic technicians who only fix outdated Price is Right technology.

Cleaning: I've kind of oddly been fighting my natural urge to clean because I've been worried that it might be my nesting instinct kicking in, which everyone says signals imminent labor. (My mom, for example, keeps talking about how she wallpapered the nursery mere hours before she gave birth to my brother.) But this morning I must have crossed some threshold, because I gleefully scrubbed down the bathroom and didn't care what it signified.

The Imperfect Birthday: I was especially worried about having the baby on 9/11, though I'm not sure why this is, as it seems highly likely that with our society's short collective attention span, this kid's generation won't really have much of an awareness of that date. My mom, again, likens this to Pearl Harbor. She says that growing up none of her friends had anything more than a mild awareness of December 7 as a "dark" day in history.

My Cats: I think I'm going to need to get them their own little enclosed beds, because they so love the crib and bassinet!

Invincible: Even though I almost never go to the movie theater, today when my mom suggested going to a movie as a way to escape the heat (which makes me incredibly irritable), I figured, hey why not? Because once I have a baby I won't even have the option of going to the movie theater for some time. The movie was good--a perfect feel-good matinee to keep my mind off things. But wow, the Tuesday matinee crowd in Daly City is a bit of a weird one, that's all I'll say.

By the way...have I mentioned how huge I am?


Anonymous said...

LOL, can't wait for the baby!

Mary Tsao said...

Don't call us unless you're in labor!

Just kidding.

Weather's supposed to cool down in the next couple of days so it should be less irritating.

Unknown said...

I'm so enjoying being in S.F. again. I like being near my kids and g'kids, too. Living in the Castro is such an experience. Gay people are so friendly, and it is a real dog-friendly neighborhood, too. The waiting part is getting really hard for jeni. i hope baby H comes soon. Does he have any idea what a roaring welcome he is in for? C'mon, little guy. GET OVER HERE AND GIVE YOUR GRAMA A KISS!!!! He he. I had a friend whose real grandmother talked like that. She was terrified by her