Woe is Me, or Third Trimester Extreme Crankiness

It's not fair: being enormously pregnant, uncomfortable in any position, stressed out and nervous about impending parenthood, AND having a head cold. It's just so totally not fair. It's been a while--years perhaps--since I've whined to my mom, had her tell me, "Well, honey, life's not fair," and felt utterly outraged at her complete lack of sympathy/unhelpful statement of truth. You know that feeling, don't you? It sucks, especially when you're hearing it amid stuffed-up sniffles, watery eyes, and a huge, distended belly!

It's not fair!


Anonymous said...

It is true, she is really cranky.

Unknown said...

...and no, it is not fair, but in a few days you are going to have the most amazing, marvelous, loving creature you can imagine! That would be me! And then, in a week or so after that the little prince will arrive and you'll know a love totally unimaginable to you ever before, except for Jette and Poupon, of course.

Jennifer said...

I'm actually feeling better now. I've been breathing clearly for half the day, and I made it through the whole day with only one coughing fit!

But I may still be cranky. With Nick, especially.

Can't wait to see you tutu!

Mary Tsao said...

You forgot to mention how you're getting older, too!

You'll always be getting older, but at least you won't be pregnant forever. And you are definitely in the horribly uncomfortable phase. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if you went into labor on Labor Day! That is my birthday wish for you.

Anonymous said...

I'll trade you your cold for my itchy rash. It started on my leg near my knee and has since migrated up my leg to my but. I think I am getting hives.