I haven't had that much to write about lately, and this is weird considering the massive changes that are about to take place in my life. I haven't felt inspired to write, so in honor of...was it...Benjamin Franklin? ("Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Note to self: Fact check later--worrying about the proper source and exact verbiage of your quote is just a form of procrastination!)...I'm writing anyway.

I'm feeling totally attached to work lately, and I think this is because I'm going to be forced to take a couple months off soon. Whenever I used to imagine myself getting ready for maternity leave, I always thought I'd relish the societally- and governmentally-approved excuse for time off work. Now here I am a couple weeks away--technically, I could leave now but obviously I'm not quite psychologically prepared for that--and I'm feeling like the pregnant dr. on Grey's Anatomy who, as they're wheeling her out of work in a chair because of her pre-term labor, is giving orders and telling people she'll be back before they know it so they'd better behave.

It's a nice thing, to love one's job and have it feed a personal passion. Lately, especially, my job has completely felt right, and I've been getting all kinds of opportunities to express my creativity and do the things I'm really good at. I don't think it's just because I know it's short-term; rather, I think it's part of the ups and downs of life. Everything changes, and over the past year or 18 months, my job changed into something I really, really enjoy and feel passionate about (as opposed to before, when my job was something I could rationally understand as "great" but didn't always necessarily feel it). Lately, I've truly understood the meaning of doing something where your salary sorta just feels like a bonus.

And now, another change is on the horizon. When I stop to think about it, well, it just makes me sweat. But I'm going to take it from Ben Franklin that that's actually a good thing.


Unknown said...

I would love to hear more about how maternity leave and motherhood affect the psyche and career of a young, successful working woman.

Jennifer said...

thanks Tutu. I'll work on it, knowing that good ol' mom is always out there interested in what I have to say! (Helps motivate the perspiration a bit...)