BlogHer Highlights

I attended ground zero for women bloggers this weekend, where I met a ton of interesting ladies (and few guys) and learned a bunch of things about blogging and connecting with people online. The best part was probably the closing keynote in which Arianna Huffington spoke about "fearlessness," the theme from her upcoming book. I've only really heard her talk about politics before, so it was really cool and refreshing to learn more about her personal development. I also enjoyed meeting lots of people...unfortunately I've had hardly any time to read all the blogs on my list. (I think I have a list of about 30 URLs I want to check out!) But I'm really looking forward to updating my blogroll with all these sites written by very interesting and friendly people I met. I also enjoyed the panels, where I learned that many other bloggers have encountered similar challenges in their online writing. Plus, the Flickr meetup was cool! I'm inspired to write more, redesign my site, take more photos, leave more comments, link a lot more, and generally be more fearless, especially when it comes to my life online.


Nick said...

You go grrl! LOL!

Jennifer said...

haha! thanks Nick! I know once you found out Arianna was there you wish you had gone! LOL!

jfh said...

Arianna Huffington??? OMG, I know I said I would go to Chicago with you and Mary for next year's Blogher, but if AH is anywhere in sight, I will be forced to leave quickly. It's kind of like how I have to dive for the remote whenever GB comes on, or risk throwing up for the next hour.
How about Rosie O'Donnell?
Can I get on the planning committee?

Jennifer said...

jfh, you do know arianna is no longer a republican, right?

jfh said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, well here's test of your fearlessness. It's a link. Do you click it or not.


*It's funny.