2001: A Space Odyssey

I learned something very strange about my husband tonight. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or concerned. Flipping around the channels, he saw that 2001: A Space Odyssey was on and commented that his dad took him to see it when he was around 8 years old, and that it "blew his mind." I noted that I'd never been able to sit through the movie without falling asleep, but that I'd enjoyed the book. So here we are, watching the movie, which is just as slow, silent, and, yes, weird as I remember it being any of those many times I have tried to watch it. I mean, it has an intermission built into it, where the bloody screen goes black. ("But there's cool space music," my husband protests.) Then there's the weird psychedelic screensaver-style interlude near the end. ("I didn't like this part so much," he admits, "but it gets cool again pretty soon.") And then the weird baby in the closing scene?! ("It's a space baby!" says Nick, as if that just explains everything.)

All this time, what's going through my head is...

Your dad took you, a (from all accounts) intensely hyperactive child, to see this movie in a theater?

And you enjoyed it?

I mean, I always knew my husband was special. But I didn't know he was that kind of special.

P.S. I made it to the credits, which leads me to one conclusion. If you're having trouble sitting through this incredibly weird and dull movie, I've discovered the secret: liveblog it!


Anonymous said...

wow, where do I start here? This movie is so completely cool. What was not in the synopsis here is that while watching the movie, my dad explained to me what was going on (especially in detail during the intermissions). Watching man's evolution, his use of tools (the first and second part), man's stagnation and the tools turning on him in the third part, and finally the death and evolutionary step man makes at the end.
Powerful stuff for an 8 year old, hell yeah I liked the movie. For the record, it is Starchild not space baby :P

stiill said...

I also enjoyed the movie, but I watched a lot of it on one-click. Kind of like the first Star Trek movie. If it were edited in a more modern fashion, it'd be about 40 minutes shorter, and probably better for it. (I think that special effects stuff was really impressive back then, or something?)

It is interesting that, as Nick points out, it builds time for talking into the movie. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's not that I don't get it, I do. I can fully acknowledge that it is a smart film that looks very closely at the complexities of human history and evolution, but that intelligence does not make it entertaining for me.

Jennifer said...

maybe the movie's better at a younger age, when one can absorb it without a head cluttered with adulthood?

Nick, I'm glad you gave us the other side of the story. That's so cool that your dad explained everything!

Unknown said...

toots, i'm your mom. iabsolutelyadoredthismovie. of course, i was an adult (sort of) when i saw it the first time. the opening scene for me was the best. i could watch that a million times and never be bored.
THE MUSIC!!!! THE CAVEMEN!!!! The total awesomeness of the whole experience!!!! Actually, I don't think even awesome was a common word when I saw it. OMG, we ARE evolving!

Elizabeth said...

You should TOTALLY name the baby Starchild. (Okay, maybe not. Maybe I just want Nick to ask you that every day, so I'm not the only one dealing with a husband's goofy name suggestions.)

Anonymous said...

I don't need Starchild to get Jennie hackles up with goofy name. I already have:

Unknown said...

In the goofy name category, how about naming the baby after Saint Isadore, the Farmer. I mean, it is close to labor day and all. And who works harder than farmers?
Mr. Greenjeans?
Leo? after Leo the XIII (pope) He did a lot to help instigate child labor laws.

Jennifer said...

Elizabeth, get used to it... we're 3 weeks away, so I thought it might have subsided by now, but as you can see, the list of ridiculous husband-suggested names only seems to grow! ZEBEDIAH?

Elizabeth said...

Hey, mine just suggested Jebediah this evening...for a GIRL.

Anonymous said...


If we are looking at papal names, Vigilius, Severinus, Siricius, Hormisdas, and Silverius are tops on my list!

Mary Tsao said...

Can't wait to see Vigilius on a monogrammed blanket!