Resolutions, pt. 2

I can't believe this year is almost halfway over already! Tonight I got home from work and decided it was time to post the next installment in my "365 Easy Resolutions Anyone Can Do!" even though the list wasn't as long as I thought it should be. So here it is!

101. Pet a pet.

102. Meditate.
103. Say something nice to yourself.
104. Decide to turn a bad day around.
105. Watch a classic movie you've heard a lot about but never seen.
106. Watch an action movie you've heard a lot about but never seen.
107. Watch a foreign movie you've heard a lot about but never seen.
108. Watch a samurai movie.
109. Make popcorn and dim the lights while you watch a movie to replicate the "theater experience."
110. Make enchiladas (dedicated to Sandblower)
111. Sleep in as long as you can.
112. Read a new comic strip.
113. Read a graphic novel.
114. Watch a children's show.
115. Spend an afternoon with a toddler.
116. Give up your seat on the bus.
117. Have a drink in a bar with a stunning view.
118. Give an outrageously big tip to someone who deserves it.
119. Give your compliments to the chef.
120. Order the expensive bottle of wine.
121. Order dessert.
122. Play a videogame.
123. Take a wine-tasting class.
124. Make/update your will.
125. Take the easy parking spot that's farther away.
126. Stick in the line you picked and ignore the one that might go faster.
127. Post again on your blog.
128. Go for a jog.
129. Get a new plant.
130. Hip someone to music they might love.
131. Go see a matinee.
132. RSVP "No" without giving any explanation.
133. Create a separate email account for all your junk mail.
134. Find out the current number of U.S. casualties in the war in Iraq.
135. Find out the current number of Iraqi casualties.
136. Compromise just to get the job done.
137. Call a long-lost friend on his/her birthday.
138. Leave a comment on a stranger's blog.
139. Listen to This American Life.
140. Watch a silly Internet video you don't think you have time for.
141. Browse a bunch of random photos on a web photo site.
142. Make your own iced tea.
143. Write a poem.
144. Click on your friend's blogs ads.
145. Look at the clouds and figure out what they look like.
146. Read a newspaper article you don't think you're interested in.
147. Guiltlessly skip a newspaper or magazine article you know you're not interested in.
148. Give someone a book you liked.
149. Trade some books in at a used book store.
150. Post something even though it wasn't quite as done as you wanted it to be.

really, I plan to post 365 easy resolutions--in several installments!


Elizabeth said...

Enchiladas rock. Make 'em spicy!

Unknown said...

My resolution is: Re-learn html.

Unknown said...

in several installments