If you can't whine on your blog...

...where can you? Readers (all 4 of you out there—hi Mom!), you have been warned!

It's so predictable that now that Katie Couric is going to be the first sole woman anchor of a network evening news broadcast, every news story on the subject has to mention those critics charging that network news just doesn't matter anymore. [UPDATE: Naturally, I've since read several news stories that don't make this point, but those seem to be the same ones that mention her perky smile or her subdued outfit...anyway, didn't I mention that I was whining?] I don't remember anyone singing that tune when Brian Williams won the supposedly coveted seat when Tom Brokaw retired (maybe people did, but as far as I recall, news stories about him mostly focused on how he'd been groomed for the position for years). I even remember recently reading that Bob Schieffer was finally getting what he deserved for all those years of hard work, and he was only filling in while CBS found a permanent replacement for Dan Rather.

Now, I haven't watched network news regularly since I left for college, and I studied broadcast journalism in graduate school. But I've mostly loved Katie Couric on the Today Show (despite some of her "star" qualities, which can be annoying in a news person), and I say good for her for challenging herself. Because I think Howard Stern was right—she's gonna be in the hot seat, and any and all failings of the CBS Evening News will fall squarely on her shoulders and people will be lined up to blame her for any shortcomings, perceived or real. That's the reality that first women (the first woman to do this, the first woman to do that) face, and Katie's clearly strong enough to hack it. So, go Katie! I might just start TiVoing the news to see how she does.


Unknown said...

Yes, me, too. I'm sorry I missed her announcement this a.m. on the Today show that she was leaving. I'm crazy about Katie.

Anna said...

That was pretty mild whining :)

I'm not crazy about Katie. But I hope it goes well. Millions of people apparently love her. And she was the highest paid person in a news show (morning or evening) before this move.

Somewhere, I have a picture of me, Anndee and Katie Couric. Anndee and I went to see the Today show in NY, and Katie took pictures with people outside during a commercial. I think because Al wasn't there to entertain us. It's funny to have the picture, because, really, Anndee and I could have cared less. But it was all about the NY experience.

Anonymous said...

I have no issue with Couric being the first woman anchor however I do have a problem with her wanting to be taken seriously as a journalist after serving tripe for the past 15 years... I can't wait for her hard hitting questions on 60 minutes. If her morning show is any indication we'll be getting things like:
So Mr. Delay, your Democratic rivals accuse you of laundering money and trading favors in your Washington office, what I want to know is, what is your favorite color?
Let the softball game begin!

Jennifer said...

That IS the NY experience, Ann! Was it freezing too? (oh, and there's plenty more whining where that came from ;)

Nick, I don't think you're giving Katie credit... haven't you ever heard of EVOLUTION? Just because someone is good at "tripe," as you call it, doesn't mean they can't also be good at serious issues. (And anyway, 60 Minutes isn't what it used to be...can you say "Lesley Stahl's crap interview with Felicity Huffmann"?) And hey! (crickets...chirp...chirp...) What's that noise? Oh, yeah, it's the sound of Brian Williams hitting Tom DeLay with the hardball questions...NOT!!! Who knows, maybe Katie will do twice the job he's doing because she's got something to prove?

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right!

Anna said...

Yes, it was freezing! I was living in CA at the time, so I bought a long, black wool coat for $12 at a secondhand shop in Santa Cruz. I thought the coat was cool and groovy (a la a 1950s coat), until I realized the fur around the collar was actually real. I had such a CA sensibility at the time that it never occurred to me that it would be real fur!

But none of that has anything to do with Katie Couric. :)