By Popular Demand

....demand, that is, from one vociferous reader who's popular in my book, I'm adding a new post just to cleanse the palate from my previous entry. This weekend I began spring cleaning, but because it doesn't really feel like spring yet with all the rain in San Francisco, I didn't really "clean." Rather, I organized that massive pile of files and paperwork from 2005 into one envelope I can store away and, I hope, forget about for the next seven or so requisite years until they get happily shredded. Nothing's actually cleaner than it was before, but it feels fantastic knowing that pile of papers "to be dealt with at some point in my life" is now only about 10% its original size, and that the other 90% actually got dealt with—all while sitting on the couch, cozily watching TV on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


Unknown said...

oh, funny. i did the same thing yesterday. but under the pile i discovered a bunch of 'stuff'that kept me from organizing the linen closet that was my real goal. nice to see you back, mentalh.

Mary Tsao said...

Whee! One less pile of paper to gnaw at your soul is a good thing.

I was scared to comment on your raw fish post because I knew the minute I said I had never gotten sick from either fish form, I would immediately get sick.