Hello Doggie!

Wow! I just heard my first firecrackers for Chinese New Year! I looked out my window and saw a giant rumble happening over by the river. They are not like the ones we see on 4th of July, though. You know those bricks that they light in Chinatown, the ones filled with about 200 little popcorn-crackling firecrackers? Well, imagine the brick is about 10 times the size, and someone threw about 100 of those bricks up into the sky all at once. Then imagine each of the firecrackers emits its own little colorful burst--that you can see from a mile away. That's what this looks and sounds like. And it's not even New Year's Eve yet!


Anna said...

Have fun! And have a great new year :)

Unknown said...

Happy, happy year of the Dog! love, mom
p.s. the purple martin house is up!