Easy New Year's Resolutions Anyone Can Do!

I'm doing something different with my resolutions this year: focusing on quantity, not quality! New year's resolutions so often lead to a sense of disappointment...I don't do enough, often enough, for long enough, etc. It's much easier and probably more sensible to just forego the whole endeavor of turning over a new leaf based on some basically meaningless calendar equation. But I just love setting goals! And I love making lists! And blogs are great for lists! So, this year I'm making a list of "365 Easy New Year's Resolutions Anyone Can Do and Feel a Sense of Immediate Accomplishment." (Plus, since even making a list of 365 is sort of an accomplishment in itself, I've decided to do it in 3 easy installments! And YOU PAY NOTHING!)

365 Easy New Year's Resolutions Anyone Can Do and Feel a Sense of Immediate Accomplishment
1. Do yoga.
2. Bake a cake.
3. Cook a curry.
4. Do a crossword puzzle.
5. Make a charitable donation.
6. Read a poem.
7. Take a brisk walk.
8. Send someone a postcard.
9. Apply for a new job just for the heck of it.
10. Post on your blog.
11. Learn a new word.
12. Read a book.
13. Write a letter to the editor.
14. Sing a song.
15. Take a dip in a hot tub.
16. Have friends over for dinner.
17. Play Scrabble.
18. Make a goofy face in a photo.
19. Swim in the ocean.
20. Take a bike ride.
21. Call a radio station and say something nice to the DJ.
22. Go hear live music.
23. Eat a salad.
24. Write down one of your dreams.
25. Laugh really hard at something.
26. Save some money for a rainy day.
27. Eat something you've never tried before. baby pigeon... yuck!
28. Visit a new place. Shanghai!
29. Go to a local museum.
30. Have a picnic.
31. Play charades.
32. Play a card game.
33. Pick someone up from the airport just to be nice.
34. Watch a documentary.
35. Try a new restaurant.
36. Clean up your desk.
37. Play piano.
38. Buy an original work of art.
39. Volunteer at a senior center.
40. Do an art project.
41. Write to your oldest living relative.
42. Take a road trip.
43. Watch fireworks.
44. Get flowers for yourself.
45. Cook something with saffron.
46. Try out a random recipe.
47. Invite friends over for brunch.
48. Treat someone to coffee when they're not expecting it.
49. Discover new music.
50. Take a Polaroid camera to a party.
51. Give away five pieces of clothing.
52. Give away five old books.
53. Get rid of some old shoes.
54. Decorate your house with something pretty/new/unusual.
55. Go for an early morning walk.
56. Have coffee at a scenic cafe in North Beach.
57. Decorate your front door for a holiday.
58. Read the comics.
59. Wake up 30 minutes early and do some writing.
60. Go for a 30-minute walk in the middle of the workday.
61. Take a whole day off from computers.
62. Take a whole day off from TV and radio.
63. Get in touch with an old friend.
64. Go to an aquarium.
65. Give someone a ride home.
66. Get to know a famous piece of classical music.
67. Get to know a famous painting.
68. Learn 10 new facts about life in a foreign country.
69. Eat dinner by candlelight.
70. Spend a week as a vegetarian.
71. Do a home improvement project in your bathroom.
72. Do a home improvement project in your kitchen.
73. Do a home improvement project in your bedroom.
74. Do a home improvement project in your dining room. (Did I mention I have a formal dining room? ;)
75. Do a home improvement project in your living room.
76. Do a home improvement project in your garage.
77. Do a home improvement project in your office.
78. Do a home improvement project in your patio.
79. Do a home improvement project on your porch.
80. Write a news analysis/opinion piece on some current affair.
81. Call your local representative about an issue that's important to you.
82. Wear crazy jewelry.
83. Eat whatever you want one day.
84. Turn your cell phone off for a day.
85. Learn another new word.
86. Use both new words in a sentence.
87. Walk home from work.
88. Get a manicure.
89. Get a pedicure.
90. Get a massage.
91. Take a mini-vacation.
92. Take a real vacation!
93. Take a mental health day.
94. Do a jigsaw puzzle.
95. Tell your loved ones how loved they are.
96. Be nice to someone you hardly know.
97. Do something that terrifies you.
98. Try cooking something you think you can't make at home.
99. Ride a rollercoaster.
100. Make cookies.


Anna said...

I like the idea! And you have some interesting ones on there.

I have a great soup recipe that uses saffron, if you are interested :)

Mary Tsao said...

This is cool. I might have to print out and put on fridge for daily inspiration. I've been meaning to do 38 for awhile and I've had 48 done to me several times and it was very cool each time.

Unknown said...

nice list. think i'll concentrate on #1 for a while. i'm interested in the saffron soup recipe. i used to make risotto with saffron and a great beef stew with saffron and rice--there wasn't much 'stew' left, but the rice and meat were so good.

Jennifer said...

yum! pass on the recipes, please. they sound delectable.