Coincidence? I don't think so.

Tonight two momentous things happened. We got a new sofa and loveseat set, and I got my highest score ever in Geometry Wars.

The sofa is very comfortable. I may never leave.


Unknown said...

is it as nice as the one you passed up at the second-hand store we went to? take a picture!

Anna said...

It's great to have a comfy couch... especially if it's related to high game scores!

Anonymous said...

congragulations on your high score and new furniture. I used to sell furniture so I've heard many stories after deleivery. One thing, make sure you pay off the furniture before the deadline or you get stuck with all the interest from day one of purchase. I used to sell those plans. They are great as long as you pay before the dead line. Don't leave 1 cent on your account.

peace out.

John Brightman said...

I have to say this. I beat you with 990,000. Sitting in a nice Lane recliner. Ranked like 3300 or so last time I checked. Ha! Beat that!