A Pleasant Side Effect of Consumerism

Now that we're moving, I joined two local branches of Freecycle and am stunned to have found, within 12 hours, not only that there are a tremendous number of moving boxes and packing supplies being shuffled around these parts, but that there are both people looking to get rid of exactly the things I want to get rid of and people seeking out precisely some of the things that had been on their way to achieving JUNK status in my household.

I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if I were trying to get rid of an old computer monitor or a desk; these oft-upgraded and typically underused items always seem to be in overabundance on the thrift store circuit, as any Salvation Army pickup guy will tell you (right before he refuses to load your stuff into his truck). But no, instead Freecycle has given me the startling awareness that, apparently, I'm not the only person in San Francisco who woke up this morning thinking it was time to rid myself of my charming old vintage suitcases. It's also shown me that, surprisingly, someone out there might need a hat box quite like one I have in my possession. Coincidence? Probably not, considering how much stuff we have in our lives, but it still seemed a bit unexpected. I'll chalk it up to the power of the Internets!

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Unknown said...

Happpy recycling, pre-cycling, getting rid of junk. i know how hard it is to part with junk that is not junk to you, but in your heart of hearts you KNOW it is junk. Remember, your memories do not need that jump start of the actual THING taking up TREASURED SPACE in your life. Junking it, and getting on with your life (aka more junk collecting) beomes the new memory. oh man, i'm james joycing again, sorry :)