Interesting Magazine Covers + Political Pontificating....

all for the price of one entry!

What I found most interesting here are the various covers about Vietnam. They are all from 1965-66, fairly early in the war. Two thoughts/questions:

  • Does that mean press outlets were covering the atrocities and potential hopelessness of the war, but popular opinion just wasn't on their side, so people didn't notice?
  • I'll admit that I haven't been a news junkie lately, but I do regularly scan the headlines, front pages, nightly network news, etc. Maybe I'm tuning them out, but I don't see vivid pictures like this one...

    ...prominently placed. (Don't even get me started about why the press isn't covering the soldiers' dead bodies being returned to the country.)

    When I visited the War Remnants Museum (formerly called the War Crimes Museum) in HCMC/Saigon, I saw on display a copy of the good old New York Times' front page story the day after the My Lai Massacre, labeling it a successful mission in which 128 enemy soldiers were killed (of course, it is commonly known now that the body count was actually over 500 and included babies and children). Now I know that it's hard to report accurately from war zones, but I still feel compelled to point out the interesting items that show up on the front page of this so-called "paper of record." Keep this in mind when reading the paper nowadays, when we are once again involved in a seeminly hopeless war in a far-off region!

    /end political pontificating

    Unknown said...

    wow, jennifer, this is a heavy entry. I applaud you, and i look forward to future comments, entries.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Jenny- Ah yes, surely theres a pattern... thats how those fuckers get away with it all... same same same!!!!!!! you rock. Rant away!