Dirty Laundry

People who know me are aware of my laundry issues; I've made sure to bellyache about them frequently. I'm a renter who wants to be a homeowner, and my apartment doesn't have in-unit laundry. Our building has a washer and dryer, but they're down two flights of stairs in a cold, dark, and dirty little room in our garage just past the garbage (mmm...garbage). We share our one washer and dryer with two other apartments in the building. A full load requires eight quarters, 105 minutes, and the good luck of not having any of your seemingly few but annoyingly concomitant* neighbors come and dump your wet clothes out in between the washing and the drying.

But I've been patient. I know the time will come when my laundry problem is solved. I don't know exactly how it will happen, but I know it will. In the meantime, I've accepted my current reality. I've stopped bellyaching about it. I've started doing laundry as frequently as possible, so there are only one or two--and not 12--loads to do at any given moment. I've begun diligently trudging over to the bank at lunchtime every couple of weeks to withdraw $50 or $100 worth of quarters at a time. Hell, I've even declared Wednesday laundry night. Fun! I've started looking on the bright side: Running up and down those stairs is exercise! Yaaaaaay! OK, I don't really feel that chipper about it, but sometimes a forced enthusiasm is key to accepting one's current reality. "Happiness takes strength!" cheers Tutu

The dryer stopped working about a week ago. Now, after one properly loaded and totally not overstuffed cycle, my clothes come out damp. Now, a full load requires eight quarters, good luck with the neighbors, 105 minutes in the machines, and overnight drying on a rack in my bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and wherever else I can hang the damn stuff. My apartment is now covered in wet rags. Have I mentioned our landlord hates to replace broken stuff and often insists on "fixing" things. Over and over again. Until you just stop complaining.


Right...that was forced.

Yup...still forced.

Happiness takes strength!

* This word just sounded right. I don't think it's used properly. But I'm guessing you catch my drift.


Unknown said...

funny jenner. i like this entry a lot, not just because of the happiness takes strength stuff that you seem to have intervalized. YAAAAAAAAAY

Unknown said...

okay, notice the picture. i can't believe i actually got it right!