Writer's Block

I got it, bad, and it sucks! I have a bunch of things I'm supposed to be writing and none of them are coming out. I start all sorts of blog posts, but every one ends up in the trash. It's mental hijinks of a completely unacceptable sort.

So what does it boil down to when writer's block strikes? Bullet points. Lots of 'em. Here we go:

Visiting Tutu in Texas: really great, really exhausting, really big cars.

Emily and Thomas: How is it that they get cuter each day? At what age does that phenomenon cease? (Tutu, I'm sure you have a great answer for that question.) Spending time with them in Texas made the trip sparkle that much more.

Traveling for business: How is it that business trips ever got the reputation of being glamorous?

Footballers' Wives on BBC America: so delectably scandalous and terribly good. If I'd been watching this sort of TV during the days of Dynasty and Dallas, would I have loved those too? For some reason I think not. Something about British accents makes bad behavior seem so much more dignified.

Riding my bike to work: thus far I've gained, not lost, weight and my pants feel tighter so I know it's not increased muscle mass. Awesome!

It's a cool, cool summer: I like cool weather but this is getting ridiculous. Every morning for the past few weeks I've awoken to thick fog, which on some mornings is actually drizzle. Sure, it burns off. By about 4:45 p.m.

My lemon tree: hates the cold weather too. It was doing so well but then sort of withered and wilted. I brought it inside and hope that might save it.

Better go: work on that other writing, the stuff I'm getting paid to do. At least this has been a sort of proof of concept that I can put some words on a page.


Mary Tsao said...

I agree with your comments about the Texas trip, business trips, and Emily and Thomas getting cuter. But what about me? Am I not getting cuter every day, too?
Writer's Block sucks. Hope it goes away soon.

Jennifer said...

I think grown-ups are in some other category. I'm trying to think of something good that we DO become more of with each passing day, but nothing's coming to mind. Best I can do is "wiser" but I'm not sure that's even true.

any ideas?