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I wrote this piece for the Potrero View, a neighborhood newspaper. My friend Ruth is working on the project and asked me to help out with the promotion by writing an article. Here it is!

Community Arts Project invites residents to take part in collaborative sculpture
Potrero Hill and the arts go hand in hand, but never so much as they will in the next few weeks, as the Potrero Hill Community Arts Project accepts submissions for its first-ever collaborative art project created by members of the community. Anyone can participate—artistic training not required—by submitting a decorated plastic panel that will be combined into a sculpture and unveiled at a fundraising event at Neighborhood House on September 16.

The idea is a simple one. Community members are invited to attend art-making parties throughout the next few weeks where blank panels will be available. The panels come in two sizes and can be decorated in any number of ways. Photographs, drawings, paintings, personal mementos, gift wrap, feathers, bottle caps, you name it…the only limit is your imagination—and, of course, whether you can get your materials to stick to the panel. Once the panels have been created and gathered, local artists from the Community Arts Project will assemble them into a sculpture—a unique work of art with many creators. “The more diverse the participants, the richer the artwork,” says Deborah Reed, one of the event organizers. “By working on a group project, people can create something for and of the community.” The sculpture will actually be a modular piece that can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled for other community events such as the Potrero Hill Festival and History Night. Every time it is reassembled, it will be unique.

Whether you’re a budding Picasso, an artistic neophyte, or (like most of us) something in between, event organizers welcome you to contribute to the project. “We can provide instruction and suggestions, if needed,” says Reed. What’s important isn’t your level of ability; it’s your desire to participate. “Each person can design his or her panel in a way that speaks to them and expresses something about themselves or their world,” Reed says. “It’s fairly wide open.” Reed also says that all panels will be used—there will be no board of judges or standards that must be met. She hopes the diversity of panels will reflect the diversity she sees in the neighborhood. “I love living on Potrero Hill, and I love the sense of community here,” Reed says. “A collaborative art project seemed a natural expression of that sense of community.”

The unveiling event will be a fundraiser for Neighborhood House, a non-profit community center that offers space for meetings, classes, and other events. Housed in a building designed by historic architect Julia Morgan, the center has been serving the Potrero Hill community since 1907. Though several art-making parties have already taken place, there is still plenty of time to add your panel to the project. The next party will be on September 8 at 6:30 p.m. at Neighborhood House. Other parties will be happening right up until the unveiling on September 16. More information is available at http://arts.potrerohillsf.com/project.html

Sounds fun doesn't it?


Unknown said...

oh, what a great idea! My friend, Nancy W and I once joined a community mural painting for a day and we had a blast. It was in San Francisco and you know how much fun it was because I can't even remember what park it was in.

Mary Tsao said...

Well-written article, Jennie! It makes me wish I lived in Potrero Hill so I could participate in the event. I hope it helps to generate lots of local interest.

mike // potrero hill sf said...

Nice article! Lemme know if you'd like a link to it from potrerohillsf.com.

Jennifer said...

Mike, glad you found me, and please link away!