Life in a bubble

We looked at 3 open houses today. We liked this one the best, mostly because it was relatively cheap and has a dog & cat grooming business in the building. But that neighborhood without any parking is probably not realistic for us. We saw one even cheaper place that felt like it was cut off at its knees. You peeped out the back door and you were, like, inches from your neighbor's gorgeous yard. The realtor quickly told us "there's no back yard" as if we had to keep ourselves from leaning over and encroaching the neighbors' property. Plus, so often these Edwardian floorplans are just useless for modern living. The rooms tend to be small and connected to other rooms, so you can't exactly do anything useful with them. You might technically have 4 rooms, but they only work as parlors or dining rooms, definitely not as bedrooms or offices and hardly as living rooms. We've been in the market long enough that we know within seconds of walking in whether or not a place will work for us. That one didn't. Last, we saw this odd combo of units that were on the quietest, loveliest street in Noe Valley. Other than that, the place was overpriced for all the work it needed, and the layouts were pretty much pointless for anyone other than rich young singles. There were 3 units that, again, were technically 1 bedrooms with "parlors" or "fainting rooms" or "large closets" that are being sold as two bedrooms. Plus this obnoxious speculating couple was there boasting about how many places they've remodeled and flipped. It's hard to stay optimistic when you're regular middle-class people trying to buy in this market. I'll be monitoring the sales and I'm sure you'll all be as fascinated as I am to see what they end up selling for. Won't you?


Mary Tsao said...

Hey Jennie,
A 4 bedroom, 2 bath Eichler 2 blocks away from us just went on the market. It's being offered at $889,000, which seems like a bargain compared to SF prices. It was a rental so it needs new carpeting/paint and it could stand bathroom and kitchen work, but it's certainly livable.

Here's the MLS listing

Good luck with your search!

Anna said...

Actually, I don't know if I want to know how much they sold for! Ignorance is occasionally bliss.

Good luck finding a place that works for you... and that you can afford.