Bimonthly Garden Update

Two months after my first report, we have lots of action in the garden.

Please welcome my newest flower, the Lantana...

which my mom says "almost thrives on neglect." I haven't found this to be the case so far, as you'll see there are no flowers at all (there were a bunch when I bought it). Mom thinks the potting soil might be too rich and that it needs plain old dirt. Unfortunately, as a city dweller, I have no plain old dirt. Keep your fingers crossed for this one.

My Meyer lemon tree is doing well, though I'm still waiting for life to give me lemons! I had no idea how long these little guys take to develop.

The tree is now FULL of purple buds, which will become blossoms, which then become little green lemons like the ones in the second picture. We'll see how long those lemons take to grow. I now understand my cousin's warning that a lot of blossoms would fall from the tree. I can't quite imagine having as many lemons as there are currently blossoms.

My herb garden is giving me more trouble than anticipated. I've come to love adding little basil leaves to salads, noodles, and sandwiches. But it's so hard to keep the basil from dying after a few weeks! The cilantro is basically gone... though it too was fragrant and tasty while it lasted. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Did I underwater? Or overplant? Did I let it go to seed without realizing it? I'm going to try again with some new cilantro seeds or plants. We still have a lot of warm months ahead! The pictures are blurry but I didn't bother retaking them because these sad little plants look a bit less pathetic in soft focus.

The nasturtiums have basically taken over any pot they were lucky enough to inhabit. I'm glad I went for the multicolored flowers because they look really pretty.

I just wish I hadn't planted them in a pot with my beloved marigolds because the nasturtiums have completely dominated and the marigolds are no longer reproducing the way they once did.

The "easy to grow and hardy" daisies are taking their own sweet time, though they have gotten bigger. Might be some time before a bloom, though.

You probably won't even recognize the tomatoes. Remember this little guy?

Well look at him now!

The other two plants have actual tomatoes and tons of flowers.

We'll close with a shot of my remaining marigolds and my new pot of succulents, which I lovingly call Desert Delight!

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