Batman Begins!

I have a confession to make: Action sequences in movies bore me. These are supposedly what makes so many movies so popular, and yet for me, a long chase or fight scene basically means...bathroom break. Even in movies I loved like The Matrix or Lord of the Rings, I can pretty much skip the action sequences without sacrificing any enjoyment. Most of the time, in fact, I find myself wishing they were shorter or I could just skip 'em.

So I'm happy to announce that, except for a couple parts in the beginning of the film, Batman Begins was not at all boring and was in fact pretty damn good. The movie's storyline was just so compelling; it kept me guessing and entertained throughout. The cast was outstanding. Liam Neeson...so handsome and mysterious. Gary Oldman as a friendly old cop? He was perfect, believe it or not. And I LOVED Christian Bale as Batman. He has such an awesome balance of the wryly sarcastic yet also slightly wooden demeanor we expect in a superhero. Plus Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are excellent in their subtle supporting roles. Then there is this amazing guy

who plays the creepy psychiatrist...I enjoyed simply watching him--and that is not something I say much about Hollywood blockbusters. Also, whoever did wardrobe rocked the eyeglasses.

No really, the glass--and Gary Oldman as a cop (believe it!)--do work!

Anyway, the best part may have been that when I went home after the movie, I quite happily threw away my ticket, confident in the knowledge that no matter how many years passed, I would never, ever want to put it in a scrapbook.


Unknown said...

Oh, wow, you have grown up! love, tt

Mary Tsao said...

I'm glad you did not keep your ticket stub. :)

Anna said...

Yay for good movies! Yay for throwing away tickets!

Of course, I just kept a few movie stubs... threw them in my journal... I'm sure I'll wonder why the hell they are there soon enough...