Release Me!

In my continuing efforts to free my life of material clutter, I am approaching all things, big and small. (The keyboard is still here, by the way, but I am working on it. Slowly.) Tonight I took an envelope of "sentimental crap" and sorted through it, pulling out a few items and ditching a bunch more.

Some of the things I tossed:
  • One of my brother's old business cards for a company, Pixelhaus, that he started himself
  • Ticket stubs for a bunch of old movies, including Titanic, There's Something About Mary, Addicted to Love, Lethal Weapon 4, and Career Girls. I'm a bit surprised I saw Addicted to Love in the theaters. I'm surprised I saw Lethal Weapon 4 at all, much less in a theater. I don't have any recollection of the film Career Girls. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I've never heard of it, yet apparently I saw it and paid full price.
  • Greg Ryan's phone number, written on a piece of paper ripped off a pack of cigarettes. I've got no idea who Greg Ryan is, but he lived in Brooklyn when he gave me his address and number.
  • Suzanne Vega's manager's business card
  • Some printed logos for the 1998 MTV Movie Awards
  • A luggage tag written in Japanese, which (I think) made it cooler than your ordinary luggage tag, and that's (I think) why I kept it all these years
  • A Tower Air boarding pass (who knows why I ever kept that. I hope it was accidental)
  • A visitor's badge to Bloomberg dated April 10 1995 (a j-school field trip I remember being really dull)
  • A ticket to a Giants game vs. the Colorado Rockies I went to with Homestead
  • THE MOST PAINFUL ONE SO FAR... A realtor's business card with a note scribbled to myself: "229,000 2BR" The property in question was a single-family Edwardian home in Noe Valley on Sanchez Street. In 1997.
Some of the things I couldn't...release...just...yet:
  • A bunch of concert tickets, to Sonic Youth, Neil Young, Tori Amos, Ben Folds Five. I remember all of these shows quite well
  • A VIP badge to a Blur concert at the Warfield
  • A napkin from 21, where Benj and I went during my last crazy days in NYC
  • A sticker from Antique Boutique, a store I adored when I was 25
  • My MTV Radio Network business cards
I know that holding onto these things only makes them more painfully sentimental, and they're worthless except for the fact that I have clung to them for so long. But right now I will keep them a bit longer, and if you've read numbers 62-64 you know some of the reasons why.


Unknown said...

Hi, Jeni, I just read your entire blog. Yesterday morning my nasturtiums started blooming. Milagro de milagros! They took forever, but I didn't soak them before sowing.

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