Hair Crisis. Number 2.

This one makes my first blogged hair crisis look like an Andy Paige makeover. This time, my hair is actually messed up. It actually looks weird. It's such a bad color. I went to my hair appointment all excited. This was the woman who did my hair for my wedding! Something went very wrong in the mix, and after sitting in the chair for two hours, we discoverd that my hair just "wasn't taking the color" or so Doreen kept muttering to herself. She became a bit frazzled and started doing all sorts of additional weird processes to fix the problem, which made the original problem look damn good in retrospect. It's just hair, yeah, but... boy can a bad hairdo make me feel horrible about myself. Luckily I'm heading off for the weekend to Las Vegas, where, as my friend Amy pointed out, there will be plenty of people with worse hair than mine. I just hope I can actually get it fixed when I get back. Small, silly thing--vanity. Surprisingly powerful. Sometimes painful.

Especially when your scalp is all red and irritated from having had 6 hair processes in a 3-hour period.


Anna said...

I am vain about my hair. Maybe too vain. So, I understand when there is a hair crisis. It shouldn't matter, yet it does.

Have tons of fun in Vegas. And remember that most people are too worried that you are looking at them to actually notice what you look like.

Finally... if you are still having hair color problems when you get back, then go to someone who specializes in "corrective color." It's sometimes more expensive, but worth it. Trust me.

Jennifer said...

Excellent advice! I did some research over the weekend and had an appointment with a color consultant today.

But the weirdest thing happened. I went to the appointment, sat down in the chair, looked at myself in the mirror, and honestly could not see what the problem was. My hair looked completely normal. A bit lighter than usual, it's true, but neither altogether hideous nor orange. The colorist didn't even think she needed to do anything. (Which, by the way, is a sign of a good colorist in my book!) I swear that my hair mellowed out OVERNIGHT.

I guess my mom's advice about haircuts applies to color too: Your hair is in shock for 3 days afterward and you shouldn't freak out until the end of that "waiting period."