How to Breathe Underwater

This is a photo of a newly SSI-certified scuba diver! Jacques Cousteau is rolling in his grave! I had a pretty amazing experience this weekend in Monterey Bay at Breakwater Cove. Our two-day, four-dive certification weekend had its lows (losing fins, panic attacks, and bat-outta-hell sprints to the surface; luckily we were only at a depth of 15 feet). But its highs (finally being able to relax in the head-to-toe wet suit, seamless underwater buddy communication, rubber-lipped perch, rockfish, sea stars, and just seeing Monterey Bay in a whole new way) far surpassed anything I expected. If you have any inclination to try scuba, I say sooner is better than later. If you discover it's not the hobby for you, so be it. But if you discover you love it, you'll really have a whole new world opened to you. Now when I hear that 72% of the Earth's surface is covered in water, I actually care!


Unknown said...

Great! Congratulations. Just remember, the next time you go down, you might be more than 15 feet and you CANNOT come up quickly. Can you say BENDS? Otherwise, it sounds wonderful and I'm proud of you for finishing the training and actually becoming certified.

Mary Tsao said...

way to go, jennie!