Exercise...or lack of it

We human beings are definitely doing something wrong. Why is it so so so so so hard to keep up a regular exercise routine? I had a really good thing going for the past few years. I was able to go to the gym, which is located a block from my office, three or four days a week at lunch. On days when my motivation was lacking, my good friend and co-worker Carrie provided gentle encouragement. I think I did the same for her. There were a couple really fantastic classes that helped us keep variety in our workout, and for the most part, we maintained a healthy level of challenge in our routine. In this way, we went to the gym regularly for over two years. I discovered the benefits in so many different ways. I got better at snowboarding, looked great in my wedding photos, felt great about myself, lost a bit of weight....

And then Carrie got laid off, and I didn't have the wedding as motivation (even though I hate to admit that it was a motivator at all but I gotta be honest because this is the BLOGOSPHERE!), and everything got all messed up. All it took was a couple little things to completely throw off my balance. Suddenly the gym seemed so stale. Suddenly my desk felt magnetic, keeping me officebound for 8 or 9 long hours. Sure, there are some weeks when I'm "on" and make it to Crunch three or four times. Other weeks I'm lucky if I manage to take a single brisk walk for 20 minutes at a time.

Why oh why does it have to be so hard?!

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