We returned home a couple days ago to a very clean house (thanks Latha!) and two extremely happy cats who didn't seem to miss us at all. Mexico was fabulously relaxing. Huatulco is a hidden gem. Even if it's not truly the "environmentally sound" tourist development it claims to want to be, it's an awesome place to sit by the ocean, read, nap, drink pina coladas... which is virtually all we did.

The honeymoon was the perfect and essential follow-up to the crazy excitement of the wedding. Being surrounded by so many people who love and care so much about us was one of the most emotional experiences I've ever had, and I wouldn't have been able to just go back to "regular" life right after. I really needed some serious time away from it all to process the fact that all the wonderful love, happiness, and support of everyone around us, for the time being, had come to an end. It was like coming home after the best, most fun, most gigantic slumber party ever--a certain pretty heavy emotional letdown was basically inevitable.

But after our vacation, I've begun to realize that there's no reason to feel let down. The wedding might be over, but our lives are just beginning! The wedding helped us create real connections with so many people, and now we're starting our lives with all those excellent people! It feels good to think of it that way.

Pictures and more updates to come!


Good Ol' Mom (with special guest appearance by World's Best Dad!)

Good Ol' Mom made an executive decision about the earlier bar-related crisis, and there will now only be beer, wine, champagne, and soda at our wedding.

At first, I was a tad non-plussed by this, as I had completely wedded (pun intended) myself to the idea of having a full bar in support of all our unbounded revelry and glee. So I decided it was time to call in World's Best Dad. True to form, he helped me make peace with the situation by pointing out that, hey, who doesn't like beer and wine? Good point, Dad.

I think everyone is relieved to have the crisis behind us.

P.S. Mom also recommended that, if you really must have liquor at our wedding, you can bring a flask and ask the fine bartenders to mix you a drink--they probably won't turn you down. If you still have a problem with that, add a comment here and she'll see it because, honestly, I think Good Ol' Mom is the only person who reads this. And that's why we love her.

T minus 4 days

Four days to go... or three, depending on how you calculate things. Either way, I am officially stressed out, so I've decided to take a moment to reflect on all the wonderful things about the wedding, in order to take my mind off a terrible crisis that is currently underway (I can do this thanks to Good Ol' Mom, who has volunteered to deal with said crisis. Thanks, Mom!).

So, without further ado, please prepare yourselves for...

Wonderful Things About the Wedding

  • Lots of friends and family are coming from all over (travelling in from 3 other continents: Europe, Asia, and South America) to share the moment with us
  • I get to wear not one, but TWO gorgeous dresses
  • Our invitations, which we made ourselves, were FABULOUS
  • The awesome and unique cake design
  • It's a chance for my girlfriends to wear those shoes and/or fancy dresses they bought because they loved but don't have enough occasions to wear
  • The music, hand-picked by a couple of people with extraordinarily sophisticated taste
  • The food, prepared meticulously by the finest caterers in the Bay Area
  • The ceremony, which will be performed by one of my gifted and very soulful friends
  • The location, which, despite having all sorts of cockamamie rules and annoying obligations, is quite lovely and scenic
  • The flowers and decorations, which were assembled and selected with love and care by close family members, rather than by some random, wedding-industry florist
  • Our super-cute web site
  • It'll be my darling niece Emily's first big party
  • Oh yeah, almost forgot...I'm marrying the man of my dreams!
So even though planning such a huge event is a little chaotic and trying, it'll be worth it. Wow, that really worked. I didn't think about the terrible crisis for 10 whole minutes!