Mom, Mary, Emily and I went to the Flower Market today. They are doing a dry run on the flower arrangements for the wedding, and we had breakfast at the cafe there then picked out flowers and accessories for the arrangements (come to the wedding if you want to know what these mystery accessories are). I am very excited! I think I picked the perfect family members to help with this assignment. Emily especially--she has a great eye for color.

It's a foggy day in the city by the bay, and I'm hoping beyond all hope that this is not the weather on our wedding day. But even if it is, I suppose it'll give the out-of-town guests a true sampling of the climate in this city!



OK, I have some unkind words for NPR. I used to be--nay, AM--a big supporter. I'm one of those suckers KQED convinced to sign up for the monthly payment thing (they promised that it would cut down on annoying pledge breaks, which was utterly false). So I give them $120 a year. Tax-deductible, sure, but still hard-earned money from my pocket going to what I hope is a good cause.

Only problem here is that NPR sucks. They are possibly worse than Fox or the major networks in that they pose as a progressive news source but then play along with the lazy, fundamentally unmuckraking, Washington D.C.-centric, press-release/press-conference-reliant news agenda that is promoted by the spin machine. At least progressives know not to believe or trust the agenda promoted by a news source like Fox. NPR is the Nader of broadcast journalism.

I'd like to say more, but honestly if I forced myself to do that, this post would never happen. So that is all.