Aces High

OK, what is it with me and mob media? I am currently obsessed with the movie Casino, which gets rerun all the time on Starz. The scary thing is that it's 3 hours long but I can watch it over and over, week after week, and keep finding new things that fascinate me. I'm not even a huge fan of either Robert De Niro or Sharon Stone, but they are so amazing in this, the way they portray these complex characters.

Some of my favorite scenes:

  • The Sam "Ace" Rothstein exposition: When we're learning about his handicapping skills.
  • When you see Ace measuring the die: This just makes the casino seem so calibrated, so measured, so controlled--which it is--but that careful measurement belies the chaos, crime, and desperation under the surface.
  • The first scene with Ginger: I love that you see her first through a casino security camera.
  • The Ginger Exposition: Post-Rat Pack, pre-MGM Vega$ chic and total sleaze wrapped into one.
  • Sam & Ginger's wedding: This scene is simultaneously very appealing and very sad, which I guess could be said for the whole movie.
  • Aces High: the television show Sam "Ace" Rothstein starts just when he is supposed to be taking a low-profile, behind-the-scenes job. It's just all done so excessively, with the Sam Rothstein dancers and Trudy the announcer with her high, horrible voice.
  • When Pescano gets busted: And you see him in the grocery rattling off his crimes as his mom yells at him every time he swears.

There are many more but these were the main ones to come to mind.

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