TV Party

TiVo deleted the season finale of "The West Wing" before I'd gotten a chance to watch the whole thing, and I am mildly surprised to discover that I hardly care. The show's just gotten so shallow, contrived, uninspired...you name it...that I can barely sit through an episode without falling asleep. I tried watching the season finale TWICE and kept finding better things to do, like old NYT crosswords and laundry. And when I stopped watching it the 2nd time, I didn't even change its TiVo status to "do not delete."

Update: I still can't remember who sings the song from "The Sopranos," but after writing that entry yesterday I started to at least remember more of the lyrics and, at last, the title: "Super Bon Bon." I can't even begin to think who sings it, but I will venture a guess as to the year the song was popular: 1998!

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