Long Term Parking

I woke up early today. Unlike most mornings where I simply bury my face into a cat or two and doze right back into slumberland, today I was kept awake by this song going through my head. "Move aside and let the man go through, let the man go through..." I knew the song but hadn't thought of it in a few years until I heard it in last night's episode of "The Sopranos." Most of the musical sensations and emotions evoked by that show are awesome, but this song reminded me of the complete and utter depressingness of last night's episode.

God, was it good. Most of this season I haven't been pulled into the story... rather, I've found myself thinking too much about the few paltry events that transpire each episode, pondering and pondering the significance of each overly subtle conversation and painfully minor plot development. But "Long Term Parking" (a heart-wrenching title, once you've seen it) was emotionally action-packed. With every pitiful move Adrianna and Christopher made, with every sadly hopeful line they uttered, I just felt their suffering. It was so painfully obvious that things were just never going to turn out right for them, no matter what happened next. My suspension of disbelief was so complete that even the next morning I was still feeling disgusted with Tony and his depraved goon squad, angry at Carmella for being a silent but utterly willing participant, shocked at Christopher's vanity, sorry for pathetic Adrianna... I think by the end of the series I'll hate them all.

I'm starting to be really thankful the show ends next season, and not because it's gotten crappy ("Friends") or because it just thinks it's too fabulous ("Sex and The City"). I'll be glad to see "The Sopranos" go because it is so amazingly well done (produced, acted, directed) that you can not avoid being drawn into the lives of these miserable people and their hideous world. I'm glad it ends next season, because I can only take so much of that.

Totally unrelated side note: I can't remember who sings that damn song, which makes me feel OLD!

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