Another E3 Come and Gone

This year seemed louder and stuffier than all the rest, but that's probably just because I'm getting older. I had no major sightings. Other people spotted Gallagher and got their pix taken with him, but I only saw former cast members of Survivor (not ones I liked) and Gary Coleman (sooooooo E3 2000).

The big titles were the same as last year, Halo 2, Half-Life 2, Doom 3, MGS3, and so on and so on. I wasn't quite inspired by the scene, but it's just another year in the slow-as-a-glacier evolution of the art we know as video games. A couple games I saw that seemed pretty exciting: Anti-Grav, a game that uses the EyeToy as a controller; the beautiful PC RTS, LOTR: Battle for Middle-earth; and Karamacarti (or something like that) where you play a ball that's trying to get bigger.

I was also on CNN this weekend, a short segment on "Women in Videogames" taped at E3 with Daniel Sieberg, the charming tech correspondent covering the show. After viewing the piece, I came to an important realization about TV: Never assume they won't show your badly matched pink socks.

The parties were fun too, but if they're going to feature cool bands, the people who plan them really need to start holding them somewhere that has good acoustics. I tried to enjoy the Roots, Black-eyed Peas, and Missy Elliott only to be somewhat dismayed by the terrible sound. But hey, it was fun for a laugh. "Slide, slide, dip, dip, shake..."

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