Let's talk about...

...the weather. Weather as a subject of conversation gets a bad rap. It's supposedly what people talk about when they have nothing else to say. But the weather affects our little lives so tremendously, why not talk about it? It's real and deserves some time in the spotlight.

Today, for example, it is downright hot, and I want to talk about it. Why do these hot days fall at any time outside of summer/early fall? Even spring days, in my opinion and experience, ought not be this warm. And why, once the sun is out for a day or two, do I suddenly feel the urge to purge my closet in a fit of proverbial spring cleaning? I don't even know how long all that stuff has been sitting there not hurting a fly, but suddenly it seems like a situation that desperately needs fixing, and I'm suddenly just raring to handle it.

The weather changes how we get around (everybody was out walking today because it was so darned pleasant outside). It changes what we eat (no more cafe au laits at brunch--today it was blood orange mimosas!). It changes how we feel about the way we spend our days (our friends quite understandably said it felt like the wrong weather to stay inside playing videogames, though I've done a bit of that today nonetheless). The weather affects us...so it's no wonder everybody talks about it a lot.

So, next time you can't think of anything to talk about except the weather, just go with it. You can rest assured that at least everyone will be able to relate.

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