The best week of the month

This week, the one where my magazine wraps its production, is always the best of my month. I can look back with satisfaction at all the fine pages we shipped and just appreciate the witty writing, sleek illustrations, and (one hopes) clean editing. I can feel satisfied, knowing that these pages were created, for the most part, with a minimum of late nights, lost tempers, and general misery. And yet it's too early to start feeling behind for the next month. This week, everything seems possible. It feels like we have weeks and weeks to get all those games in, assign out art, write all those pages of hilarity.... Of course, it's my unfortunate job to be the one who, next Monday morning, shakes everybody out of their comp-day-induced reveries and reminds them that their piles of well-written, well-illustrated, well-edited pages are all due, well, like, tomorrow! Being the bad cop is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, and at least I can take a perverse pleasure in knowing that, no matter how icily they respond now to my polite-but-firm demands, come deadline week, they will tacitly thank me as they waltz out the door at 7pm, their pages all under control in smooth-as-silk production, to, oh, go to a David Bowie concert or have drinks with their sweeties. (Yes, even videogame editors have them!)

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