Back to Hell

Saturday night Graham Connah played at the Community Music Center with a 20-piece ensemble, including a full choir. "Faustina" was on the program, and though the lyrics spoke of an evil priestess, the very personification of evil, Graham says those sentiments had nothing to do with me. Narcissism of having so many talented and excellent musical luminaries as (Marty Wehner, Alex Candelaria, Sonya Hunter, Erik Pearson, Ben Goldberg, and more, including this physicist seated mysteriously in the audience who freestyled/skatted a cool rhyming interlude) perform a beautiful, complex musical work even remotely related to my being compels me to believe him.

After the show we headed over to hear Alphabet Soup at Bruno's and enjoy a cocktail or two at Doc's Clock. Before the night was through and we all headed back to our little realms of individualized existence, I took this photo of me, Graham, and Marty.

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