A Genius in Our Midst

I was alerted to an article about Graham Connah's performance that appeared on SF Gate last week. The writer calls Graham "the famously dry and self-deprecating genius" and speculates that "his performances are unlike anything happening in the United States today. (I'm leaving the possibility that Slovenia, Japan or Denmark might be hatching its own Connah-esque character.) It's rare to find such an accomplished visionary who doesn't proselytize and rake in the cash grants for doing so."

Glad to see someone else recognizes the true celebrity nature of Graham!

Read the whole article.


The best week of the month

This week, the one where my magazine wraps its production, is always the best of my month. I can look back with satisfaction at all the fine pages we shipped and just appreciate the witty writing, sleek illustrations, and (one hopes) clean editing. I can feel satisfied, knowing that these pages were created, for the most part, with a minimum of late nights, lost tempers, and general misery. And yet it's too early to start feeling behind for the next month. This week, everything seems possible. It feels like we have weeks and weeks to get all those games in, assign out art, write all those pages of hilarity.... Of course, it's my unfortunate job to be the one who, next Monday morning, shakes everybody out of their comp-day-induced reveries and reminds them that their piles of well-written, well-illustrated, well-edited pages are all due, well, like, tomorrow! Being the bad cop is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, and at least I can take a perverse pleasure in knowing that, no matter how icily they respond now to my polite-but-firm demands, come deadline week, they will tacitly thank me as they waltz out the door at 7pm, their pages all under control in smooth-as-silk production, to, oh, go to a David Bowie concert or have drinks with their sweeties. (Yes, even videogame editors have them!)


Back to Hell

Saturday night Graham Connah played at the Community Music Center with a 20-piece ensemble, including a full choir. "Faustina" was on the program, and though the lyrics spoke of an evil priestess, the very personification of evil, Graham says those sentiments had nothing to do with me. Narcissism of having so many talented and excellent musical luminaries as (Marty Wehner, Alex Candelaria, Sonya Hunter, Erik Pearson, Ben Goldberg, and more, including this physicist seated mysteriously in the audience who freestyled/skatted a cool rhyming interlude) perform a beautiful, complex musical work even remotely related to my being compels me to believe him.

After the show we headed over to hear Alphabet Soup at Bruno's and enjoy a cocktail or two at Doc's Clock. Before the night was through and we all headed back to our little realms of individualized existence, I took this photo of me, Graham, and Marty.

Happy people indeed

The Patriots pulled together another Super Bowl win, and though the game was pretty dull for the first 3 1/2 quarters, it ultimately offered thrills and chills in a nail-biting close-call finish.

We had a full house and lots of eating and drinking going on. I learned that guacamole does not freeze beautifully...instead it turns a rather unattractive grey. I also must remember that for viewing parties we can only really fit about 10 people comfortably, and that's with 4 people on the futon. We had 13 people there yesterday, and though everybody fit, we really couldn't have had any more. So feelings may have to be hurt if we have a party for the premiere of the final season of The Sopranos.

Other news: looks like I'm gonna have to find a new band! I heard through the grapevine that AK has defected to another band... I find it sad that I heard it through the grapevine, but I guess these things happen. I'm disappointed but not discouraged. "Dreams are my reality..." -- a quote that has stuck in my head for 15 years from a terribly cheesy song from an even cheesier French film, La Boum (I think) that we saw in Madame Nail's class.


The Pats return!

We're having a Super Bowl gathering of Patriots fans today! Update later when I hope everyone is happy. It's our second Patriots Super Bowl since living in this apartment.