Want my expert" opinion?

So recently I was on MTV for the Ultimate Video Game Countdown. The show was co-sponsored by my magazine, and we offered expert opinions on a bunch of games. Appearing on MTV was especially poignant for me because that was where I started out, my first "real" job.

The show premiered on Jan 2, 2004 and, in true MTV style, has rerun and rerun and rerun. I keep expecting it to be done, but then someone says they just saw it again. I'm sure it has to end soon though, since the show has a New Year's theme that isn't exactly evergreen.

Perhaps the oddest thing that's happened since I was on MTV is that, in the course of searching for myself on Google (admit it, you've done it too, or if you haven't, you should, 'cause it's fun!) I found a web page that said, "Don't be fooled by her name--she's a haole" (haole is hawaiian for a white person!)

For the record, I'm actually 50% Asian, which just goes to show that genetic patterns are nowhere near as simplistic as we were all taught in seventh grade. The way it really works is, you put these two people together:

and you get me!

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