Learn to love me, assemble the ways

This weekend we went to Tahoe for a semi-last-minute trip to Kirkwood. It was a perfect combination of a bright, sunny day with fresh snow and not too many other people on the slopes. I felt in shape for perhaps the first “first day out” ever. Must be thanks to the lower-body-workout-obsessed ├╝ber-athlete who teaches the Tues-Thurs class at my gym. We also had a nice cabin that was walking distance from the slopes. I never want to stay anywhere else again! And E. and H. had gone grocery shopping so we had food and drink aplenty. Good company, good weather, good trip! The only thing missing was time to read, write, and play my guitar. Well, I had time to play, but we hadn’t had room in anyone’s car so I didn't actually have the guitar.

This week, I added the following songs to my repertoire:

  • “Shoplifters of the World Unite” by the Smiths
  • “Please Please Me” by the Beatles
It’s so fun to learn the chord breakdown of songs I’ve listened to so many years (decades, even) and never understood how simple/complex they are. I feel much closer to the people who’ve written those songs and hope to join their ranks soon enough.

If I’d had any time to pack for the trip, I’d have remembered to bring my camera and I’d have a picture to show! But since I don’t, I’ll just link to the upcoming bio picture in my magazine. N. took it one morning when we were both already running late for work. (I’d forgotten until then that it was the last day I could hand in my picture.) He was quite patient as I can be very demanding when it comes to my picture in the magazine (this one, sadly, took 20—count ’em, TWENTY—takes). I think he did a great job!

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